Have you ever seen some blue words underlined in blue, maybe like this click and you will come on the same page , if yes then you may might wanna know how they are made.

To make them you have to use <a> tag, also known as anchor tag.

We use the href attribute in the anchor tag to specify the URL (uniform resource locator), of the page you want to make the user go, when he clicks it, we use the target attribute and set it to ‘_blank’ so, that when the user clicks on it the page opens in a new window.Then, we type the text which, the user sees. Like on above you see ‘click and you will come on the same page’ but, the URL is actually of this page and after this we close the tag.
Click to open Google.

The code for the following is :-

<a href=”google’s URL” target=”_blank”>Click to open Google.</a>

I have typed Google’s URL, but you cannot type this in the actual code, in the actual code you have to copy and paste the URL of google in the href attribute, otherwise you will not get expected results.

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